All I want…

…is one of these* installed in my house – probably at my bedside:


Press for Champers_crop


Can anyone help? Surely every home should have one…


* Failing having a champagne button at one’s bedside, go instead to Bob Bob Ricard in Soho, where every booth has one of these charming additions for your amusement.

While you’re there, you could press the champagne button as much as you can get away with, and also put one of these cake assortments into your face:

I’m such a greedy mare!



  1. If anything shouts "fabulous" it is a champagne button. If you go to Bob Bob Ricard for breakfast, they bring the bread to your table. . . with a toaster. For some reason, that seems very glam even though you do it every day at home. Probably because hot, gay staff don't bring my toaster to me at home. . .


  2. I know! Where is my hot gay home butler? I require caviar and dainty things on a silver platter!!!


  3. Oh you poor things… we have that kind of service every morning :)no champagne buttons however, very remiss. I shall have one or two installed tout de suit.


  4. Yep, I'll have one of those. And a chocolate button for the other side of the bed. Yes please.


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