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Wild garlic soup & filo pie

During this unhinged time, I’ve got to know some of my neighbours a bit better, and they are such a lovely bunch. In a few short weeks, there have been many kindnesses shown, in particular goods exchanged and loaned. One of my neighbours left two jolly parsnips on my doorstep, another brought round some home-grown […]

Tom Yum Noodle Soup

So my dear friends A and P are moving back to Australia. It’s a real toughie for them – A’s from England, and P’s from Oz, and every six years or so, they find themselves moving from one side of the world to the other. They start all over again from scratch, get new jobs, […]

Mexican minestrone

I think it has been raining for TWO YEARS non stop in England. Anyone who says climate change isn’t happening deserves to get stuck in a lift with some humungous twat like David Cameron. And so I cook a lot of soup to keep warm. A big favourite of mine is minestrone, and I have […]

Fragrant turmeric, coconut and fish soup

I just had a holiday in Andalucia, Southern Spain, where I ended up totally grossing myself out on greasy food. It seems that when you eat out in certain regions, vegetables rarely make it to the table (unless dipped in batter). Apparently people only eat them at home, and as a result, restaurant fare in […]

Gazpacho soup, two ways

Oof – this hot weather in London has been lovely. And I have craved cold soups like nobody’s business, because the thought of heating up the oven or stove has been too much in the muggy heat. I have always been a bit obsessed with the Spanish cold soup, gazpacho, and thought I’d include two […]

Roasted tomato soup

I’m hooked on the new BBC cookery programme The Delicious Miss Dahl, where the jaw-droppingly beautiful Sophie Dahl cooks up rustic dishes and bats her big cartoon eyes at us over the hob of a very gorgeous kitchen* decorated with shabby chic. Sometimes she goes a bit twee and wistful, reciting poetry while gazing out […]