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Chicken, lemon and Parmesan bake

There hasn’t been a lot going on this blog of late, I admit. But I’ve had a pretty good reason. Being up the duff for the second time around has turned my palate into that of a five-year-old. A fussy food prude. For the past three months, all I’ve been able to stomach are the […]

Beef, bacon and ale stew

Before I talk about the stew, I need to have a rant. About those expensive shops that purport to be selling the notion of comforting nostalgia, fine craftsmanship and warm, old fashioned values…at a whacking great price. Yes you, SCP. Yes you, Labour and Wait. And others that I can’t be bothered to mention, but […]

Slow Cooker Beef Chilli

You know when middle aged-ness has crept up? It has happened to us, sure enough – we own a driveway (paved!) and also spent last weekend pressure washing the patio. There’s no going back after that. And to complete this middle aged suburban hat trick? We now own a slow cooker. Oh yes, my friends, […]

Vietnamese Chicken Curry (Ca Ri Ga)

London’s lead-coloured skies are really soul-sapping today. I literally want to lie down and eat doughballs under a duvet. If you’re feeling this way, I recommend this almighty HORNBAG of a delicious Vietnamese curry, which will get some fire in your belly and a flicker of a pulse back into your veins. But first, some […]

Spicy Thai chicken kebabs

My friend J recently went to spend a few months in the Thai islands looking forward to a bit of chill time during a break in her frenetic career. What she didn’t bargain for was to be robbed three times (the latter time at knifepoint) of ALL her possessions in the space of about a […]

Mighty big bangers

My husband N loves sausages almost more than life itself, and probably slightly more than me and our baby. If he’s not eating sausages, he’s thinking about when he can next eat them. He takes his sausage-worship to almost evangelical heights – not only does he have selected friends that he talks about sausages with […]

Vietnamese pork stew in clay pot

Pork stew in clay pot is one of my favourite dishes from Vietnam. It takes a few hours to simmer away on the stove top, and has really aromatic and comforting flavours – star anise, ginger and chilli all combine with caramel to create a warming and savoury mixture that is great with greens and […]

Chicken and fennel tagine

I’m loving the new Jamie Oliver ‘Jamie Does’ series on C4 – even though he used to really annoy me what with his years of monkeying around on that moped and getting all his ‘mates’ on camera for ‘spontaneous’ lunches and high jinks, not to mention those cheesy Sainsbury’s ads peppered with cliched Mockney-isms – […]