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Xu, Soho

Photo credit: Wallpaper* I have a long-anticipated theatre and dinner invite in Soho with my pal G. She booked tickets five months ago, it will, it MUST happen bar someone getting struck down by chronic piles / amnesia / insert bad thing. But first I have to get to Soho. It’s like negotiating release from […]

The Nordic Bakery

I rarely get any time to myself, ever. That’s just how life is when you have two small children who are as ever-perplexing and unpredictable as tiny, furious dictators. Any time to be alone is like gold dust – even if it means a dental appointment. A bus or tube journey where I don’t have to […]

Manchurian Legends

So here’s what happened – we had a rare NIGHT OUT in Soho the other week, us lucky entertainment-starved parents – whoop! We wanted dinner somewhere fun and noisy,  at one of those dimly lit joints with no reservations where you get drunk in the queue while you’re standing around in unsuitable shoes, shivering in […]


I wish I had taken photos of my dinner here, but I just couldn’t stop eating for long enough to get the camera out. And some nights, I just don’t feel like taking pictures – it really is ALL about the food. Needless to say, the meal we had at this dinky Japanese noodle bar […]

All I want…

…is one of these* installed in my house – probably at my bedside:     Can anyone help? Surely every home should have one…   * Failing having a champagne button at one’s bedside, go instead to Bob Bob Ricard in Soho, where every booth has one of these charming additions for your amusement. While […]


Some days I just cry out to do something that feels a little spontaneous. I’ve been going through a soul-sapping house move, and it seems as though every evening has been filled with endless boring domestic tasks, so much so that I sometimes can’t remember what it feels like to have a night off and […]