A working lunch


We all have different experiences of the working lunch. Above is my typical lunch in the office: lentil soup eaten while hunched over the keyboard. The soup was lovely but the scenario is pretty dire huh? In an ideal world I’d be sitting in the sun in some kind of picturesque piazza, wolfing down a homemade baguette filled with rustic ham and gherkins, delighting at the vibrancy of passers by. However, the mediocrity of my weekday lunchbreak is nowt compared to whoever has to eat lunch in this thing:


See how both toilet and canteen are in cheek-by-jowl proximity? Just imagine – your colleague sitting on the khazi while you heat up a cup-a-soup in the illustrious ‘canteen’ end, mere centimetres away. Shudder!

What’s your typical working lunch like? A travesty like the two examples mentioned above, or a lovely civilised affair? Go on, make me jealous.



  1. Hey don't knock the soup it looks well tasty! I normally eat lunch at my desk too – soups, sandwiches, salads anything with an S basically.


  2. My guilty pleasure is a dirty foot-long sub from Subway. It's bad for me and I love it.


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