Death of the Montezuma Orangutang!


Argh. Something is afoot in my world as a lover of dark orange-flavoured chocolate. Yes I know that’s a pretty niche type of interest, but I feel compelled to vent!

Above, you will see my favourite chocolate bar ever. It has been killed off. Montezuma Chocolates, who in my opinion make some of the most delicious dark chocolate in the Western hemisphere, have decided to discontinue their Orangutan, the Yorkie-sized dark chocolate bar flavoured with orange. How very dare they! Why would anyone do such a thing? What were they thinking?

I used to go to the Montezuma shop in Spitalfields when I worked nearby and load up on 10 bars in one go so that I had a stash of them in the house, and I would sit eating one slowly as a treat after a bad day, making each square last as long as possible. The Orangutan tasted so darned good – a classy, glossy dark choc flavoured with tart orange oil, silky in texture and with a lovely aftertaste, formed in satisfyingly big chunks (hence the Yorkie comparison). It made Green & Black’s Maya Gold orange/spice chocolate seem sickly and over-sweetened in comparison. (You see, I have a thing about dark orange choc!)

But now the bar has been discontinued! I actually requested some Orangutan bars on my Christmas list, before I knew of this monstrous calamity, and my husband had to beg a sales assistant to find some in the storeroom. Seeing the desperation on his face, she very kindly tore open some gift packs to prise the remaining ones out.  I now have two-and-a-half bars left – IN THE WORLD.

Montezuma’s please explain to me why you have removed this bar from your range? What possessed you to keep  ‘Space Hopper’ and ‘Gourmet Gorilla’ instead of ‘Orangutan’?  I can’t find a replacement that will match it (and believe me, I have looked)… what the hell am I going to do? Sit here with a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and sulk?

Well, for starters, I’m going to email them this…


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  1. Jemma at Montezuma's got back to me: "I passed on your comments to our company director and development team and basically they said that it was part of a rolling review and a plan to keep the range moving and innovating. Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to contact us with your comments, we really appreciate any feedback from our customers.I am sorry that your were saddened by the demise of the Orangutan bar, but as you can understand we are fairly young and inovative company we are consently changing and developing new ideas. With this in mind Iwould like to say that we do have 2 other bars on the market that have an Orange flavour. Our Dark Chocolate Orange and Geranium, and our Space Hopper bar, which is Milk chocolate and orange. Both I have to say are delicious.I have passed on your comments onto our development and production teamsso you never know it may make a comeback."


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