There hasn’t been a lot going on this blog of late, I admit. But I’ve had a pretty good reason. Being up the duff for the second time around has turned my palate into that of a five-year-old. A fussy food prude. For the past three months, all I’ve been able to stomach are the […]

I recently celebrated my birthday (a big one, ok?) and I wanted to have a generous, sprawling dinner out in London with a good bunch of mates. But I faced a quandary – there were so many things that I didn’t want. No chain restaurants. No way. Nor anywhere too expensive, because I don’t hang […]


I know, I get that porridge isn’t the most thrilling thing to write about. Well, until now it wasn’t. I have had my head seriously turned by an introduction to ‘pinhead’ oats, which recently made the most sensational porridge I had ever eaten, so much so that I have been making massive batches of it […]

cha ca

  I spent most of my visit to Hanoi in 2005 totally freaked out by the traffic. For starters, there were barely any traffic lights, and any that did exist were customarily ignored by drivers with barely any concept of road rules. Not only was crossing the wide road intersections (filled with 10 lanes of […]


My January detox isn’t going toooooo badly, although the other day I spent much of the afternoon lusting after a packet of Salt ‘n Vinegar Pringles spied in the kitchen of the flat opposite my office – made it completely impossible to concentrate on ANYTHING. Damn you, Pringles. So with this detox thing, sugar is […]

2013-12-31 12.42.46

Happy 2014! Or is it? Just to make January even more depressing, I’m doing a detox diet. It’s full of things like quinoa and kale and pulses. *Sigh*. But frankly, something has to be done to counteract the seasonal abuse which I put my body through every Christmas. I’m trying to unlearn certain habits – […]


Before I talk about the stew, I need to have a rant. About those expensive shops that purport to be selling the notion of comforting nostalgia, fine craftsmanship and warm, old fashioned values…at a whacking great price. Yes you, SCP. Yes you, Labour and Wait. And others that I can’t be bothered to mention, but […]


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