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I would like to like to point out what a sheer bloody grind it is feeding my two small children. For context, this means two kids who have no allergies or any excuses not to eat, but ensure that the process is as labour intensive and as unenjoyable as possible. The younger child eats most […]


An unexpected thing happened to me in Margate when I visited Dreamland last December, the wonderfully restored amusement park on the seafront. I met secret-squirrel Guardian food journalist Marina O’Loughlin. No-one is meant to know what she looks like, as she keeps her identity top secret. I was chatting to my friend S, and a […]

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              What’s this? A bakery selling ONLY naan breads, fresh from the oven? Oh, yes please. I can’t think of anything better, actually, than a warm, pillowy naan to scoop up a fiery curry sauce. The ones you get in the supermarket are so hard and bland, so to find […]


I never thought that having kids and a resulting lack of personal space was ever going to be easy. And when I moaned yesterday, as I frequently do, that I was sick of the kids being ‘on’ me morning, noon and night, i.e. jumping on my back, pressing their bogey-filled faces onto my leg and […]

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If you’ve been watching ‘Simply Nigella’ on TV, you might have noticed that she and her team have their fingers firmly on the pulse of all that  is new and ‘au courant’ in food trends. Goji berries, avocadoes, chia seeds, coconut oil – TICK TICK. A couple of episodes ago, we saw Nigella breeze into […]


In the beginning of my journey into Parenthood, I tried to keep Disney cartoons out of my daughter’s life. I had all these lofty ideals that she wasn’t going to get sucked in by the big commercial things, driven by this vague notion that it was just too inane. What the hell did I know? […]

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I just got back from Cyprus where I had my mind blown by this unique and electrifying country. I felt like a proper ignoramus when we booked our flights, thinking we were going to the furthermost part of the Greek islands. Not quite. (I caveat my extreme ignorance: I didn’t do history GCSE, and have […]


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