Public announcement: these are not called Paradise Bars for nothing. They are like a Bounty Bar with added HORN. My wonderful friend N made a tin of these for my birthday earlier this year (YOO HOO my dear!) and I think it was one of the best gifts I have EVER received. Paradise Bars are […]


  It’s absolutely roasting hot in the UK. A bit like walking about in an oven. Us Brits are quite unused to such heat, so we get in a bit of a frenzy and start getting really drunk very quickly, going lobster red in the sun. All around there are men sporting ‘farmer tans’ – […]

Pop front entrance

  Vietnamese salads! Badass jerk chicken! ‘Fried’ ice cream! Where can one eat this in South London? At the brilliant new Brixton Pop, that’s where. All these goodies and more are served from street-food-style restaurants housed inside recycled shipping containers. It’s bonkers and wonderful. And waaaaaaay better than Shoreditch Boxpark. Read all about it in my first feature for […]


Last time I was in Manchester I was 17. I was dating my first serious boyfriend, a Goth called Chris. He wore PVC leather trousers and a full length black overcoat, with winkle picker boots and leather fingerless gloves. I was entranced by his long, luxuriant black hair which always smelled of Head ‘n Shoulders. […]


  Everyone who comes to London gets told about Borough Market as a foodie destination. I’ve got fond memories of Borough from its early days, but it has become a victim of its own success, gridlocked with daytrippers. You’ll easily pay £10 for a punnet of olives and you have to queue for absolutely bloody […]


Credit: Chareon Tapaneyasastr Credit: Laura Marchant-Short My Saturdays are never truly complete without a morning visit to Crystal Palace Food Market. Even though trying to leave the house with two small kids and all the crap that they need is a heart-attack-inducing experience, we are always glad to have made the short trek up the […]


Photo credit: Dave Hunt,  CNN I live a relatively comfy life in London and have no experience of what it feels like to have everything around me destroyed, my family swept away by a flood. And, if having survived, how terrifying it must be to know that there are just a few doctors within reach, the […]


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