Photo credit: Dave Hunt,  CNN I live a relatively comfy life in London and have no experience of what it feels like to have everything around me destroyed, my family swept away by a flood. And, if having survived, how terrifying it must be to know that there are just a few doctors within reach, the […]

2015-03-04 13.40.35

Ugh. Costa Coffee, one of the most dreary coffee chains on the planet, has opened a new branch on my local high street in Crystal Palace. To them, I say EFF OFF. We already have at least six independent places to drink coffee on that particular portion of the street alone. It’s so bloody cynical […]

2015-02-13 16.53.07

I just watched ‘50 Shades of Grey’ in the cinema with my baby son in my lap. No, I’m not some kind of deranged freak and I do believe my son is unscarred. He actually fell asleep for most of it. In my opinion, the film is about as racy as an advert for Gillette […]

2015-02-01 13.39.28

Sometimes I have days where I’m so stressed out by the noise levels created by my own family that I just want to go and sit in a park ON MY OWN IN SILENCE. In the rain, if necessary. I’m talking about my threenager’s tantrums, young baby’s screaming, mine and my husband’s anxious voices cajoling, bribing […]


My Breton friend L is hardcore, the only person I know who can supervise three screaming kids and effortlessly make a classic French cake without breaking a sweat. When I stayed with her in October 2013, she was temporarily operating from a makeshift kitchen in her garage which had no running water and a bare […]

2015-01-04 14.10.41

If, like me, you have spent the entirety of December putting all sorts of things into your mouth like lumps of marzipan and entire Stiltons, you’ll probably need a bit of salad by now. My tastebuds received a hammering over the festive period and have gone into hibernation due to lording it up with the […]


I very much hope to return to Wheelers Oyster Bar in Whitstable one evening in the future with several bottles of BYO tucked under my arm and cast-iron babysitting in place. For as lovely as it was having our wedding anniversary lunch here recently with our three-year-old daughter E, it wasn’t half nerve-wracking trying to […]


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