2015-02-13 16.53.07

I just watched ‘50 Shades of Grey’ in the cinema with my baby son in my lap. No, I’m not some kind of deranged freak and I do believe my son is unscarred. He actually fell asleep for most of it. In my opinion, the film is about as racy as an advert for Gillette […]

2015-02-01 13.39.28

Sometimes I have days where I’m so stressed out by the noise levels created by my own family that I just want to go and sit in a park ON MY OWN IN SILENCE. In the rain, if necessary. I’m talking about my threenager’s tantrums, young baby’s screaming, mine and my husband’s anxious voices cajoling, bribing […]


My Breton friend L is hardcore, the only person I know who can supervise three screaming kids and effortlessly make a classic French cake without breaking a sweat. When I stayed with her in October 2013, she was temporarily operating from a makeshift kitchen in her garage which had no running water and a bare […]

2015-01-04 14.10.41

If, like me, you have spent the entirety of December putting all sorts of things into your mouth like lumps of marzipan and entire Stiltons, you’ll probably need a bit of salad by now. My tastebuds received a hammering over the festive period and have gone into hibernation due to lording it up with the […]


I very much hope to return to Wheelers Oyster Bar in Whitstable one evening in the future with several bottles of BYO tucked under my arm and cast-iron babysitting in place. For as lovely as it was having our wedding anniversary lunch here recently with our three-year-old daughter E, it wasn’t half nerve-wracking trying to […]

2014-09-10 15.13.16

  Dear lorrrrrd in heaven, I have found a little slice of paradise in Crystal Palace – a cafe called Boyce da Roca. It serves up THE most heavenly cakes, toasties and brunches known to all SE Londoners. Its coffees are as smooth and as rich as silk. No, really, I am not exaggerating, as […]

Cake1 (3)

So there appears to have formed a tradition whereby every year for my daughter’s birthday I now try to fashion some kind of recognisable animal from sponge cake, with not much of a clue how I am going to do it until the night before. Last year I made a penguin, the year before that […]


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