When my friend P invited me to stay for a few days in his holiday rental cottage in Whitby, a North Yorkshire seaside town famous for its fish ‘n chips, I jumped at the chance. Bram Stoker set part of his ‘Dracula’ novel here. The town is flanked by an imposing ruined Gothic abbey on […]


I’ve never really been that excited about eating sorbet. Unless the weather’s very hot, I’ll always get stuck at the chocolate or vanilla because I’m greedy like that. But then I suddenly felt inspired to make this sorbet – the idea came from making a big batch of elderflower cordial, and I thought perhaps I […]


I’ve often talked about my friend Charlotte’s food on my blog. She is one of the best cooks I know. I’m always stealing her recipes, and she’s still talking to me. Even after making her wedding cake – now that’s a frigging miracle! She is always game for a laugh, as is her husband M, […]

2014-06-10 16.14.56

Oooh this place is lovely. I have discovered a little piece of paradise in the unlikely corner of SE London that is Penge. Not hugely known for its quiet, tranquil spaces, and more for the frenetic high street with its pound shops and chicken cottages, Penge is hiding a little secret in Alexandra Nurseries. It’s […]


Some people thought I’d lost the plot somewhat, going to the Elderflower Fields outdoor music festival in the Ashdown Forest last weekend. Not only am I pregnant and about as agile as a listing ship, but my husband and I are also trying to potty train our reluctant, headstrong daughter. We camped, too. Our tent […]


My daughter – a noisy little pipsqueak of a toddler – is quite the foodie Fauntleroy. When she’s not hurling her lunch to the floor (she is a notoriously picky eater), she’ll call out the names of middle-class foods while we scurry about trying to get her to eat. Which is much to our amusement […]


I never, ever thought I’d enjoy a vegan pudding quite so much. And it has nothing to do with the addition of heart-stopping amounts of cocoa (and rum)! Anyway, I came across this recipe on the brilliant Adventures in Cooking blog, and adapted it a little bit. It’s smooth and rich and manages to taste […]


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