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Deal Beach Parlour

I have a massive predilection for old fashioned Kentish ice cream parlours with their sweeps of retro chrome and mirrored tiling. It doesn’t matter at all that it’s February and I can’t feel my hands, there’s nothing like a strong cup of tea and a marshmallow-y vanilla oyster (Mr Whippy ice cream wafer sandwich) consumed […]

Dungeness Snack Shack

If you enjoy strange, melancholy dreamlike landscapes, derelict spaces and are fascinated by nuclear power stations, you’ve got to visit Dungeness*.  I’d always known about it in the back of my mind, but had never made it over to this stretch of coastline, which is a stone’s throw from Rye and situated on the Kentish […]

Wheelers Oyster Bar, Whitstable

I very much hope to return to Wheelers Oyster Bar in Whitstable one evening in the future with several bottles of BYO tucked under my arm and cast-iron babysitting in place. For as lovely as it was having our wedding anniversary lunch here recently with our three-year-old daughter E, it wasn’t half nerve-wracking trying to […]

Wild Man: foraging with Fergus Drennan

When the end of civilisation is nigh and we are all scrambling over each other to get the last tin of beans in Sainsbury’s, forced to scavenge rubbish out of bins and inevitably turning into crazed zombies, the one man who will outlive anyone (at least in Kent) will be Fergus Drennan, wild food forager […]