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What’s she growing out there?

I’m totally hooked on having our front garden turned into a vegetable plot. I really think everyone with access to a spare, unloved bit of land should do it if they can – especially since you can be a lazy git and not do the work yourself. Rachel de Thample, local Transition Town volunteer in […]


Our front garden gets a makeover

I am now so very thankful we decided not to turn our front garden into a statue and music themed arena. I had grand plans of having some kind of tasteful bronze cast of myself and my husband, placed onto a plinth (perhaps depicting us on our wedding day), then enhancing this with a ‘Waltzing […]

Cabbages & roses in my front garden

I am about to allow local Transition Town volunteers to grow fruit and vegetables in my front garden. People walking past will soon be able to see  a profusion of runner beans, salads and exotic herbs growing next to our ancient, gnarled rose bushes, whereas almost everyone else on my road has neat front gardens […]