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Leros: Greek island food

I’ve just returned from the Greek island of Leros after a holiday where my family and I experienced a record number of minor injuries. It’s as though we were all drunk, all the time! My son bashed and chipped his front teeth on some stone steps, making them a bit piratey. My daughter tripped and […]

God’s Own Junkyard

What is this apparition of heaven? Last week I found myself in a neon paradise, standing in a warehouse in North East London, surrounded on all sides by rainbow-hued signage. I thought I’d died and floated off to psychedelic nirvana. God’s Own Junkyard is a shimmering Aladdin’s cave of new and salvaged retro neon signage, […]

Dining with despots

I would like to like to point out what a sheer bloody grind it is feeding my two small children. For context, this means two kids who have no allergies or any excuses not to eat, but ensure that the process is as labour intensive and as unenjoyable as possible. The younger child eats most […]


An unexpected thing happened to me in Margate when I visited Dreamland last December, the wonderfully restored amusement park on the seafront. I met secret-squirrel Guardian food journalist Marina O’Loughlin. No-one is meant to know what she looks like, as she keeps her identity top secret. I was chatting to my friend S, and a […]

Tooting Daily Fresh Naan

              What’s this? A bakery selling ONLY naan breads, fresh from the oven? Oh, yes please. I can’t think of anything better, actually, than a warm, pillowy naan to scoop up a fiery curry sauce. The ones you get in the supermarket are so hard and bland, so to find […]

Cyprus: amazing food on both sides of the line

I just got back from Cyprus where I had my mind blown by this unique and electrifying country. I felt like a proper ignoramus when we booked our flights, thinking we were going to the furthermost part of the Greek islands. Not quite. (I caveat my extreme ignorance: I didn’t do history GCSE, and have […]

Restaurant Chez Marie The

Have you ever wanted to have lunch alongside a bunch of French farmers? Rub shoulders at the buffet with some ruddy-faced tractor drivers? The restaurant Chez Marie Thé, in the small village of Ploerdut, Southern Brittany, is just the place to do it. It’s a fascinating eye opener into just how seriously the French take […]

West Norwood Feast

It’s amazing isn’t it, the ability to live up just up the road from something quite fun and amazing and NEVER visit it. Us Londoners are skilled at this – we have all these museums and theatres and parks and statues in our wonderful capital and never bother our arses to explore even a tenth of […]

Manchester: a tale of two lunches

Last time I was in Manchester I was 17. I was dating my first serious boyfriend, a Goth called Chris. He wore PVC leather trousers and a full length black overcoat, with winkle picker boots and leather fingerless gloves. I was entranced by his long, luxuriant black hair which always smelled of Head ‘n Shoulders. […]

Maltby Street Market & Monty’s Deli

  Everyone who comes to London gets told about Borough Market as a foodie destination. I’ve got fond memories of Borough from its early days, but it has become a victim of its own success, gridlocked with daytrippers. You’ll easily pay £10 for a punnet of olives and you have to queue for absolutely bloody […]