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Japanese rice bowls

Tasty Japanese-style rice bowls with different toppings

Vietnamese summer rolls – gỏi cuon

  My three-and-a-half-year-old son is going through a really exhausting, fiesty, “f*ck you” phase, which has been dragging on for months. He wakes up, usually in a terrible temper, and starts shouting NO at anything we suggest. We have to be on alert for biting, kicking and hair-pulling. He’s wise to us bribing him, and […]


Butterbeans and broccoli with tuna & anchovy sauce

I call this my miracle dinner; it has been saving my life for around 25 years. You can assemble it in under 10 minutes and it is SO FLIPPIN’ DELICIOUS! It’s the equivalent of a comforting savoury hug – it’ll make you feel better about life, even if your day has been total shit. I […]

Hanoi fish (Cha Ca La Vong)

  I spent most of my visit to Hanoi in 2005 totally freaked out by the traffic. For starters, there were barely any traffic lights, and any that did exist were customarily ignored by drivers with barely any concept of road rules. Not only was crossing the wide road intersections (filled with 10 lanes of […]

Mussels with Breton cider

I just had a holiday in Brittany where by the end of my 10-day stay, salted butter was pumping through my veins. The Bretons make the BEST butter. I did feel I would explode if I ate any more French bread. Or cream/cheese/pastries. Dear Gawd, by the last-but-one day, I went into a sort of […]

Barbecued tandoori trout

You never know what you might have to wear at a British barbecue. It could be T shirt weather, or you might find yourself pulling on a pair of woollen tights and a full length Gabardine coat. Having enjoyed great weather all week, we fired up the barbecue on Sunday, but everyone was shivering so […]