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Making water kefir

“I’ve brought you something,” said my friend Charlotte in an ominous tone, producing something blurry in a tiny Tupperware box from her bag. We were in a cafe near Waterloo and my kids were running rings around the table. She handed over something that, when I opened the lid, looked like frogspawn without the tiny […]

Making apple juice

Holy smokes, we’ve had a lot of apples this year. We’re the proud adoptive parents of three gnarled apple trees, and as opposed to last year, when the harvest was limited to just ONE apple on a twig, we’ve been inundated with bounty this autumn. But the thing is, life’s too short to be peeling […]

Elderflower champagne

Weirdly, I’ve never made my own homebrew before. Until now, the only encounter I had with homemade booze was when I was a student sharing a house with five mucky blokes, one of whom regularly bought wine and beer kits from Boots in an attempt to save money. The ‘wine’ he produced would invariably be […]