Saladin Epicerie du Monde, Marseille

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I hadn’t been to Marseille for over 12 years. I have family there, but for one reason or another our orbits haven’t aligned for a long time. In mid-January, I finally went down for a 48-hour visit to see my aunt and cousins. The Marseille I remember from my summers there as a child was one of scorching sunshine, smells of fresh sardines, herbs and floor soap. I’ll never forget the intense flavour of home-grown lemons and the floral, fragrant apricots that plopped off the trees in my Aunt and Uncles’ garden. I’ve never eaten apricots like that again. Back in the 1970s and 80s my family ran a couple of boulangeries and had a bar, so it follows that a love of eating and cooking has ingrained itself into me, alongside a notable obsession with bread and pastry. Quel surprise!

Despite now having young kids and being brain-blunted with the hecticness of life, echoey remnants of childhood memories came back to me as clear as day when I got off the train at the Gare St Charles. Snapshots of afternoons spent swimming at my cousin’s sports club on the cliffs at La Corniche followed by steak frites and ice cream, watching my Aunt roll out a massive load of brioche dough or make pizza with anchovies…ah everything has a food related twist! Marseille looks and feels similar to me as it did when I was growing up – hectic, noisy, grimy, beautiful, stately, crumbling and filled with the conflicting smells of drains, orange blossom, soap, incense, cologne and fried fish. My mum claims that the bin collection is run by the mafia – hence rarely collected – which is why there is often such a pong of overflowing rubbish. One taxi driver took out some antibac gel from his glove compartment – unprompted – and shared it around. Another told us dirty jokes (which were a bit sad) and a final one sang to us!

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Even though our time there was short, I managed to get out for an explore and walk down to the Marché des Capucins where among the stalls selling colourful fruit, veg and fish I found an Aladdin’s cave of a shop: Saladin Epicerie du Monde. Everything about it screamed ‘Come inside!’, with tables outside displaying huge branches of sticky dates. The shop interior is like an Arabic souk with wall-to-wall spices, nuts, pulses, dried mushrooms, crystallised fruits, grains and so on. There is a huge counter dedicated solely to Turkish delight and sweetmeats. Wall-mounted tanks dispense honey. I saw at least 100 varieties of honey in jars, as well as 20 types of tinned halva, the sweetened sesame paste that my mum is so fond of. I literally burned through £50 in five minutes, and came out with dried ceps (local mushrooms), z’atar seed mix, dates (of course) a couple of jars of honey and a kilo of dried, salted tomatoes. I could have spent all day in there.

Photo at sector 8324864

The date display:

Photo at sector 8198656

Huge open bags of spices perfuming the air:

Photo at sector 8223488

Honey and halva on the shelves, nuts and seeds below:

Photo at sector 8234752

My mum perusing the wares:

Photo at sector 8212736

Strange and exotic displays of crystallised fruits and nuts:

Photo at sector 8246528

I’m not a fan of sweet, crystallised fruits (angelica in particular is so weird) but I think they look amazing:

Photo at sector 8256000

Who knew you could get this many different types of salt? All kinds of flavours: rose, charcoal, herbs, chilli…

Photo at sector 8280064

If you’re partial to a stock cube, there’s a basket on the counter next to the cash register:

Photo at sector 8303616

A few other snapshots of Marseille – a city full of life and mess and noise and beauty…

Stunning walk up to the Gare St Charles:

Photo at sector 8749056

The Vieux Port area:

Photo at sector 7498752

Photo at sector 7507712

Photo at sector 7522304

Photo at sector 8621568

Vieux Port fish market – we were there nearly at the end of trading and the smell was pretty funky!

Photo at sector 8675072

An inventive reflective metal roof canopy on the dockside which keeps the heat off in the summer:

Photo at sector 8665856

Morning light:

Photo at sector 7802368

Photo at sector 7858176

Photo at sector 7972864 Photo at sector 7988480 Photo at sector 8159488 Photo at sector 8344576 Photo at sector 8370688 Photo at sector 8382208 Photo at sector 8419584 Photo at sector 8464384 Photo at sector 8477184 Photo at sector 8496896 Photo at sector 8548608 Photo at sector 8558080 Photo at sector 8609024 Photo at sector 8694528 Photo at sector 8705280 Photo at sector 8725248 Photo at sector 8731904

More produce from the Marché des Capucins…

Photo at sector 8008704 Photo at sector 8019968 Photo at sector 8030208 Photo at sector 8042496 Photo at sector 8075520 Photo at sector 8086528 Photo at sector 8099072 Photo at sector 8108288

‘My wife went to Marseille and all she got me was this lousy bag’:

Photo at sector 8134400

Saladin Epicerie du Monde
6 et 10 rue des Capucins
18001 Marseille


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