West Norwood Feast




It’s amazing isn’t it, the ability to live up just up the road from something quite fun and amazing and NEVER visit it. Us Londoners are skilled at this – we have all these museums and theatres and parks and statues in our wonderful capital and never bother our arses to explore even a tenth of what’s on offer. Too lazy. Ha! And so it was thus with West Norwood Feast, a massive street market that I’d heard loads of good things about, selling all manner of PIES and TRINKETS, which was just 20 minutes’ walk away from my sofa. I finally staggered over there last weekend. Very happy that I did, it was ace. Here’s what I wrote about it for The Londonist



  1. Sounds great! What’s the deal with the conker-sized popcorn? Where does it come from? Was it nice?


    1. It was divine. I believe they use actual conkers, who’d have thought? X


  2. Brand name = Bonkers Conkers


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