Mike’s chocolate cupcakes

Choc cupcakes Mike

Wanted: a good looking chap who can sing professionally, act, write his own opera AND cook beautifully.  Hmmm. Nobody out there with such a CV exists, do they? Oh, but wait, here’s my good friend Mike. He can lay claim to all of the above. No kidding. He’s one seriously talented hombre:


So no – I wasn’t exaggerating about the opera. Mike has just written and scored his very own, The Miller’s Wife, and it’s about to be performed in London this August at The Arcola Theatre. And when he’s not racing around doing that, he’s just started making mini cookery ‘how to’ guides for Eatatreat on YouTube, where you can watch him making all sorts of things…and my favourite so far is his delicious chocolate muffin recipe.

Enjoy the clip – and especially note Mike’s unflappable calm and poise as he whips these cakes up in less than FIVE minutes, not even blushing when he gets the tablespoon / teaspoon measurement spoons muddled up. I do think the production team ought to have provided a clean pair of oven gloves for him to use, though, they look as mucky as my ones do at home!

Anyway. I think that anyone having a kitchen crisis would want Mike to come round and save them, as he would just take control in a charming and calming way, sitting you down and pouring you a cup of tea as he rescued your collapsing souffle. Inner poise, as Bridget Jones used to say – that’s what Mike possesses in spades.


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  1. Mike is poise personified!


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