Feast your eyes 1

Above: Vanilla biscuits with cinnamon and brown sugar

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to write this blog. What with trying to leave the house on time in the morning suitably attired, somehow bluffing my way through another day at the office talking into phones and writing stuff (I’m amazed I haven’t been found out yet) and not offending anybody with inappropriate jokes – some days I find it astonishing that I can keep it together appearing as a responsible adult. And then I must cook! But I can’t, I’m afraid, write as much as I’d like to about each and every recipe. So here are some photos instead – wouldn’t it be nice if the computer screen had active Smell-o-vision?

Mexican breakfast – fried eggs, tomatoes with chipotle and guacamole:

Lemon and thyme cake with Greek yoghurt (Nigel Slater’s recipe):

My husband N making pasta:

The result – Ottolenghi’s goats’ cheese ravioli:

Peach, raspberry and frangipane tart, adapted from a recipe by Thomasina Miers:

Hummingbird cake, from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook:

I might do a few more posts like this, as feels pretty good to set my photos free!



  1. Gorgeous photos!Mmm cake. I made myself this one for my 40th birthday party in May. It was devoured in a flash.http://cookwitch.livejournal.com/1916509.htmlNow, those biscuits, they look like a thing made of love.


  2. holy shit – that is some peach,raspberry and frangipane tart. why haven't you invited us round?


  3. Oh god, these look amazing. The lemon & thyme cake looks incredible, as does the ravioli. Congratulations!


  4. So very impressed with your Ottolenghi's goat cheese ravioli! Love Ottolenghi. It was so lovely to meet you at the SRA Food Safari last Tuesday! Luiz @ The London Foodie


  5. Lisa: Ahoy, and my goodness, why didn't you tell me about your superb blog? I love the sight of that beauteous cake with the pistachios…major drooling!Kitty: next time you come over, you shall have tart, and you shall also have seconds!Pip: You and your mister must come over soon for a gourmet blow-out…we're talking wearing waistbands with elastic in them…Luiz: Ottolenghi is about as good as it gets, eh? He appears to be some kind of genius. Great to meet you the other night too!


  6. *blush* Thank you! Well, it's quite new and, um, I was shy about it. *shuffles*That cake…oh my. I took some more to work and it lasted for days in the fridge as we all forgot to eat it (shameful I know) but my word, even cold, straight out of the fridge it is lovely. Boyfriend said "Mmm nom nom pistachio brittle mmmmnom..but not."(Trying to get thickened honey out of a moustache is…interesting…)


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