Randall & Aubin

Theatrically camp waitors: check. Belting house music: check. Randall & Aubin is a Soho institution – a seafood restaurant bursting at the seams with rowdy twenty-somethings all chucking back white wine, necking oysters and yakking away exuberantly. There is atmosphere in bucketloads, and did I mention that the food is also very good? The decor is also very cool in an old school sort of way: I lusted over the white bathroom tiled walls, marble bench tables and the flickering candles. Great for meal out where you don’t feel the need to have a hushed conversation, and you don’t mind shouting into your partner’s ear above the din of Ibiza party classics! Beaucoup de fun – passez la mayonnaise…

This is what we ate:

Fried whitebait with mayo:

Scallops with fennel – dreamily good, amazingly caramelised:

Sole fillets – like very posh fish fingers:

Zucchini frites with basil mayo:

Randall & Aubin
16 Brewer Street
London W1



  1. Well darn, there I was just going to bed and now I am wanting fried whitebait and zucchini frites. *tummy rumble*


  2. my favourite resturant!


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