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Wild garlic soup & filo pie

During this unhinged time, I’ve got to know some of my neighbours a bit better, and they are such a lovely bunch. In a few short weeks, there have been many kindnesses shown, in particular goods exchanged and loaned. One of my neighbours left two jolly parsnips on my doorstep, another brought round some home-grown […]

Wild garlic pesto

Who in their right mind would want to go and pick weeds from parkland and make them into dinner? I’m too scared to forage anything much – mushrooms, too terrifying, and for everything else that isn’t obviously a plum, you need to study a handbook and I would worry that it’d be deadly hemlock anyway! […]

Blackberry and cassis compote

      Not known for my love of raiding a JD Sports for a pair of crap trainers, I prefer to do non-aggressive form of looting: foraging for free fruit. It’s not stealing as such, it’s just picking fruit off the bushes, but not having to pay for it. I probably sound like a smug middle […]

Wild Man: foraging with Fergus Drennan

When the end of civilisation is nigh and we are all scrambling over each other to get the last tin of beans in Sainsbury’s, forced to scavenge rubbish out of bins and inevitably turning into crazed zombies, the one man who will outlive anyone (at least in Kent) will be Fergus Drennan, wild food forager […]