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Banana, date and coconut oat bars

My daughter E is nearly 7 but ALREADY I am making her cringe on a regular basis. I knew this would be my role when she was, like, say 11 upwards, but not now! It all feels a bit soon for such eye-rolling. When my husband and I recently attended her Sports Day, we were […]

Olio, the food sharing app

I absolutely loathe wasting food. I’d rather shoehorn an extra slab of toast into my mouth, or someone else’s mouth, than see it go in the bin. The idea of discarding anything edible is like a stab to the heart. I’ll often eat pieces of my kids’ discarded fish fingers that have dropped onto the […]

Going for bloat

It’s no secret that I love to eat well. I don’t do midget-sized portions and I like things to be generous on the plate. But despite all of this, the US of A nearly brought me to my knees on my recent visit with its gargantuan serving sizes in restaurants. Anyone with half a brain […]