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Stockholm and buns

Aha there Sweden. Home of the cardamom bun. There is no nobler or more exciting afternoon treat in my greedy mind’s eye. Anyone who knows me well will have been subjected to my endless droning on regarding these noble, sticky spiced pastries. Cinnamon buns, you’re perfectly nice and all that, but take a hike. Cardamom […]


Banana cake with brown sugar & cardamom

  I’ve never been able to get that excited about banana cake. I mean, it’s perfectly nice, can be a bit earnest at times, and, in its worst incarnations, is a bit like eating damp wood. I certainly don’t crave it like I would a chocolate cake. UNTIL NOW. I have just stumbled across a […]

Pineapple Tarte Tatin

  Greetings. I hardly ever have time to blog anymore. I have a small baby and she has eaten up all my spare minutes. So you can imagine, it’s a miracle that I can actually sit down and type anything whatsoever, given that I am existing on roughly six hours’ broken sleep a night and […]

Beetroot and cardamom spice cake

There are loads of bonuses to getting a weekly organic box of fruit and veg delivered to the door. You get the best produce of the season and you’re supporting small farmers and growers. Plus organic tastes better and is good for the environment. (Sorry to preach – I used to be copywriter for Abel […]