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Beetroot, thyme and barley orzotto

In my last job, which I quit to stop my brain falling out, my team members were mostly all a good decade younger than me. I worked three days a week, looking after my toddler on the other days, and on returning to the office after the weekend, I would want to punch whoever (usually […]


Gazpacho soup, two ways

Oof – this hot weather in London has been lovely. And I have craved cold soups like nobody’s business, because the thought of heating up the oven or stove has been too much in the muggy heat. I have always been a bit obsessed with the Spanish cold soup, gazpacho, and thought I’d include two […]

Beetroot and cardamom spice cake

There are loads of bonuses to getting a weekly organic box of fruit and veg delivered to the door. You get the best produce of the season and you’re supporting small farmers and growers. Plus organic tastes better and is good for the environment. (Sorry to preach – I used to be copywriter for Abel […]