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Elderflower ‘snow’ sorbet

I’ve never really been that excited about eating sorbet. Unless the weather’s very hot, I’ll always get stuck at the chocolate or vanilla because I’m greedy like that. But then I suddenly felt inspired to make this sorbet – the idea came from making a big batch of elderflower cordial, and I thought perhaps I […]

Crème Caramel

My daughter – a noisy little pipsqueak of a toddler – is quite the foodie Fauntleroy. When she’s not hurling her lunch to the floor (she is a notoriously picky eater), she’ll call out the names of middle-class foods while we scurry about trying to get her to eat. Which is much to our amusement […]

Chocolate and rum avocado mousse

I never, ever thought I’d enjoy a vegan pudding quite so much. And it has nothing to do with the addition of heart-stopping amounts of cocoa (and rum)! Anyway, I came across this recipe on the brilliant Adventures in Cooking blog, and adapted it a little bit. It’s smooth and rich and manages to taste […]

Let’s crumble!

Now that there’s a touch of chill on the night breeze, my thoughts turn to steadying puddings for approaching autumnal afternoons. I am an absolute whore for fruit crumbles, but ONLY if there is enough of the satisfying topping. So often I have been saddened by meagre bowls of stewed fruit covered in thin crusts […]

Black Coffee Granita

  Minx-like Italian dessert alert! Black coffee granita is a really easy and elegant pudding that’s perfect for serving at the end of a summery meal as it’s very light and won’t have you  busting out of your clothes. It’s like a mega-easy version of a sorbet, or a posh slush puppy in a glass, […]

Pineapple Tarte Tatin

  Greetings. I hardly ever have time to blog anymore. I have a small baby and she has eaten up all my spare minutes. So you can imagine, it’s a miracle that I can actually sit down and type anything whatsoever, given that I am existing on roughly six hours’ broken sleep a night and […]

Blackberry and cassis compote

      Not known for my love of raiding a JD Sports for a pair of crap trainers, I prefer to do non-aggressive form of looting: foraging for free fruit. It’s not stealing as such, it’s just picking fruit off the bushes, but not having to pay for it. I probably sound like a smug middle […]