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Hi. My blog isn’t about the latest restaurant openings or the hippest trends. It’s really just about sharing my recipes (when I have time to cook) and describing the places I’ve happened to visit along the way and haven’t been able to get out of my head. Whether I’m describing a lunch I had in a motorway service station, a food market where the sausage rolls made me sigh with happiness or an amazing cafe that was so cosy I wanted to move in, I think it’s worth writing about. The quirkier the better, too. I named this blog Toast & Butter because I have a unwavering and obsessive love of good toast (by that I mean NOT cheap, white sliced) and SALTED butter (unsalted: what’s the point?), which I would walk across hot coals for. I have a white-hot hatred of food waste and want desperately to see food poverty stamped out. 

I’m a journalist and copywriter and have written for The Guardian, Time Out, Londonist and lots of lifestyle mags and websites. My blog is featured on Huffington Post. You can contact me at hello [at] wordsandsocial.com, or view my website for examples of my portfolio.



  1. Love the name of your blog!


    1. Thanks LFFL! :o)


  2. Hi Anne, love the blog (and share your love for toast and ALWAYS salted butter). Just wanted to say hi and nice to meet you yesterday at the Triangle.


    1. Hello! Lovely to meet you too, and thanks for the kind words re this olden blog :o) I’m sure we’ll bump into each other again!


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